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About ACOS

ACOS produce and distribute influencer brands, helping content creators to capitalise on their own names. In the digital landscape direct consumer selling is a fact and the need for a middle man is no longer crucial. ACOS invest in selected profiles, cover all the cost for production and set up a personalised e-commerce for distribution. ACOS is a service and we are never visible to end consumer, it's your name on the label. So, let's turn followers into customers together. 

  • no financial risk

  • no designer knowledge needed

  • personalised e-commerce and packaging

  • distribution from ACOS own warehouses

  • strategic advisory on products and brand 

  • customer service included 

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Sustainability & Production

To ACOS sustainability is not something you do, its something you are. Working not only active but pro-active with responsibility we implement sustainable solutions across the complete chain; from production, fibre and fabrics to packaging, logistics and even employees and partners. ACOS don't believe in excluding production partners or countries, we believe in supporting societies helping people make the most out of their situations. To us a workplace is also an environment of which you have to care, creating the most suitable setting for talent to thrive. Long term is our motto to make things last the longest and to secure the most sustainable 360-process as possible we have developed our own (matrix) model based on four pillars.    


  • small scale production and sustainable sourcing 

  • organic and recycled fibres, fabrics and material

  • no toxicating chemicals


  • governmentally regulated code of conduct for partner factories and suppliers

  • a flexible and flat organization where employees can grow 

  • mind over money


  • long term relationships

  • transparency and dialogue

  • shared beliefs 


  • less use of labeling 

  • size optimized and recycled packaging

  • minimal use of air transportation and sustainably specialized warehouse solutions.